pizza casserole bake

Hawaiian Pizza Casserole

I am not sure I know anyone who doesn’t like pizza. But sometimes pizza can seem like the lazy persons dinner choice, so I am upping my lazy mom’s dinner game with this incredible pizza casserole.   One of the things that has saved my family during the busy school year is my weird love […]

breakfast pizza

Hash Brown Breakfast Pizza

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. It may be because I have an unhealthy love of eggs, especially ooey, gooey eggs. The fact that I only get to eat breakfast two days a week, makes me incredibly sad, but it also makes me embrace those two mornings and try to make them extra […]


Father’s Day Gifts

I am a huge fan of making something special for all those little holidays that sneak up throughout the year. Father’s day is no exception!  There are so many different kinds of dad’s with so many different tastes and styles that the possibilities are endless. Here are a few of my favorite ones that I […]

mini succulent terrarium

Mini Succulent Bowl

  While I was at SNAP conference last month I met up with some of my friends at Floracraft and they had the most adorable mini succulents that they were giving as swag. I might have squealed and hugged Jamie a little too tight. Maybe you’ve seen lately on Instagram or Facebook that we’ve been […]

chili and cornbread cups

Chili and Cornbread Fancy Mugs

  I’ve shared my favorite chili recipe here before, and I’ve probably shared my cornbread recipe before, but I’m here to share with you one of my favorite “fancy” meals. Well maybe fancy is the wrong word, more like easy, in a classy put together way. This one is a crowd pleaser in my family because […]

succulent-wreath love

Succulent Wreath

So maybe you’ve noticed…I love succulents. Not just a passing, oh they’re so trendy and fun, kind of love, but a get down on one knee and promise forever, kind of love. Which is why when I found out that the dollar store was selling fake succulents I pretty much declared open season on my […]

pudding of bananas

I Like Banana Pudding…I think

  Last week I caught you all up on my exciting adventures in Palm Springs for my spring break. I mentioned that we ate some amazing food, including the best bbq I’ve ever had. One of the dishes we ordered was banana pudding, and I was a little reluctant to try because, I don’t like […]