Painted Pots – Kid’s Craft

Painted Pots – Kid’s Craft
painted pots- a fun kids craft

Hey everyone!  I am so glad to have Kari back here sharing another super fun kid’s craft that doubles as an adorable Mother’s Day gift!


I am so glad it is finally starting to warm up. All the flowers are starting to bloom and everything is growing back so nicely. With Spring time comes showers, especially here in the South. Spring in the south truly gives meaning to the saying, “April Showers bring May flowers”. We have been thinking about a garden and I think I have figured out that I not only want to plant some vegetables for the kids to watch grown but also decorate the yard and add some flowers in the house, but in decorative pots.

We all love making memories with our children and recieving gifts that they make us that is decorated in their own style and by them. I thought it would be perfect to buy Terra Cotta clay pots and paint them for the kids and allow them to decorate them with their own spring designs. Plus, all kids love to paint and its a great activity for the family to all enjoy outside.

Here is what you will need:
-Terra Cotta Clay Pots {whatever size you may want}
-Spray Paint
-Painters Tape
-News Paper
-Paint (for the kids to paint onto the clay)
-Paint Brush, Roller, or Sponge Brush {as shown}

There is some stuff you can do to prep for this craft so your kids can get straight to painting their designs, especially if you have younger children.

Prep Steps:
1: Tape up the Terra Cotta Pots for however you may be painting them. For instance we painted the Rim one color and the pot itself another color.
- Tape the bottom of the planter with newspaper, Spray Paint the Rim. {Use your paint brush to smooth out the excess paint, you will have to apply a few coats}
2. Allow to dry completely, until paint is not sticky, and remove painters tap & newspaper.

Time for the Kids to Paint:
Once the Pots have dried from the base coat you can then allow your little ones to began painting their scenes onto the clay pots. We did little planters today for the children, it was so much easier for the kids to use q-tips to paint with, because they can just be thrown away and are easier to use. I recommend using q-tips!

Once the pots have dried from your little ones putting their creative touch on them, allow the kids to pick out their own flowers or seeds to plant and place your beautiful pots inside your beautiful home or set on the picnic table for decoration {Be sure if you are leaving these pots outside that you have added a clear coat of sealant to the pot to keep dew and rain from ruining your childrens beautiful art work that you can keep for ever!

April Showers will bring May Flowers in these beautiful pieces of art work done by children. These flower pots will also make great gifts for Mothers Day coming up in May!


Aren’t those the cutest things ever!  The best part is that kids of any age can do them from your littlest artist’s all the way to yourself!  Don’t forget to go check out what else Kari’s been up to on her blog Raised Southern.  Thanks so much for sharing Kari!

Vintage Pillowcase Maxi Skirt for Girls

Vintage Pillowcase Maxi Skirt for Girls

vintage pillowcase maxi skirts for girls

So I was scrolling through instagram the other day and I saw this picture.

inspiration photo



Immediately I knew that I had to make my girls some of these cute skirts. I already had a bunch of vintage pillowcases in my fabric stash, but I didn’t have any wide elastic. I checked at my local Walmart but there was no wide elastic to be found! It wasn’t until I was picking up some stuff at the dollar tree that i spied these elastic headbands. I gave them a good stretch in the store and figured that at 3 for $1 it was a pretty low risk purchase.

pillowcase skirt supplies

The first step in making these skirts was cutting the pillowcase down to the right length. For this I used a super sophisticated method of holding it up next to my daughter and marking the fabric at her waist area. I made sure to keep the open end of the pillowcase on the bottom and cut off the sewn side. This left me with a perfectly hemmed bottom edge!

The next step was probably the trickiest part of the whole thing. I pinned the right side of both materials together, connecting the seam of the elastic headband to the seam of one side of the pillowcase. Then I pinned the halfway point of the headband to the seam in the other side of the pillow case. I added one more pin in middle on on both sides. Now the pillowcase was significantly bigger than the headband so I had to pinch and fold the fabric as I went. In theory I could have pinched, folded and pinned it but I wasn’t concerned with creating prefect pleats so I just went with it. I sewed slowly around the entire edge with a long straight stitch so that there would be plenty of give on the thread and I wouldn’t have to worry about breaking open the stitches.

steps for sewing elastic to a pillowcase skirt

Once it was sewn all the way around I pulled out the pins, flipped it right side out and admired my handiwork! It was so easy I whipped up 5 in a row in less than an hour. My girls now have two sets of matching maxi skirts and it might be the cutest thing ever. They have decided that I should be making all of their clothes, which is cute! They have more faith in my sewing ability than I do. It is nearly impossible to take a picture of them being serious so here are a few of them being silly!

girls in skirts silly girls in skirts

Easter Themed Silver Rim Glass Hurricanes – Pottery Barn Knock Off

Easter Themed Silver Rim Glass Hurricanes – Pottery Barn Knock Off

As part of the DecoArt Blogger Program, I received product for this posts; but all projects, pictures and opinions are my own

easter decor - silver rimmed pottery barn knock off hurricanes

So I saw these glass hurricanes when I was looking for decor items not too long ago and I realized that I STILL have a bagillion plain glass vases from our wedding all those years ago. I used some of the short ones to make waterscape candle holders for our bathroom not that long ago, and so this time I busted out some of the tall ones.

silver rimmed hurricanes

I started off by taping off the top and bottom edges of the vases with some washi tape. I only used washi tape because we were out of blue painters tape and I was too lazy to go to the store. I then painted on a thick coat of DecoArt’s “Shimmering Silver” and set them aside to dry.

creating a silver rimmed hurricane

Once they were most of the way dry I peeled off the tape and let them dry the rest of the way. After about an hour they were ready. The ones in the catalog are a wintery Christmas theme, but since I didn’t do this project 4 months ago and it is now spring, I went with an Easter theme. I had some Reindeer grass and glittery eggs from the dollar store and I put some of each in the hurricanes. I really like the simple addition of the metallic rim on these hurricanes and I definitely like the $2 price tag for decorating them. I have them on my built in shelves in our living room, but I’m not done decorating them so you’ll just have to wait to see them there!

collagesilver rimmed easter hurricanes

Awesome Things Tuesday – 22

Awesome Things Tuesday – 22


Which means it is time to party, but before we can get to that we need to talk about last weeks features.

Randi’s Pick- funny dancing eggs! These are ridiculously easy and I bet they provide hours of entertainment for kids (and adults).  They remind me of the weebles, and now the weebles ditty will be stuck in my head ALL day! *Weebles wobble, but they don’t fall down!*

Frog in a pocket: Funny Dancing Eggs

Krystal’s Pick-  applesauce monster cookies! I love when a bad recipe goes good, and this one is at the top of my list.  By adding applesauce into her cookie recipe she is making the world’s softest cookies.  Swirl in oats, peanut butter, chocolate AND m & m’s and how can it be a miss!

Applesauce Monster Cookies with #cookies

Victoria’s Pick – healthy Easter treat!  I love to pretend I’m eating healthy and by layering greek yogurt and whipped cream it’s even easier!  I think I could convince all three of my kids that this was a dessert food before adding the Peep on top, but with that one there it’s a no brainer!  What a fun spin on a traditional parfait!

Healthy Easter Treat

Ashley’s Pick- chocolate mousse cake!  I’m not gluten free, but if it means I can eat things that look as good as this I will pretend to be!  This luscious chocolate mousse on top of a hazelnut crust has me wishing I wasn’t trying to lost a few extra pounds before swimsuit season!

Chocolate Hazelnut Mousse Cake on Crust - Gluten Free

Now that you’ve seen last weeks features go check out these other amazing women and what they’ve been up to!

Collage 3

Victoria Schilke – My Little Birds / Facebook / Pinterest


Awesome Things Tuesday

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Awesome Things Tuesday

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Mango Salsa and Food Should Taste Good

Mango Salsa and Food Should Taste Good

mango salsa and food should taste good cantina chips

I was recently sent a box of goodies from Food Should Taste Good to try out and review for you.  I am a long time lover of their product and so I was really excited to try out some new flavors.  We started off with the sweet potato chip, and I was pleasantly surprised at how good they were! I am a huge lover of sweet potatoes, but we never eat them because my hubby doesn’t like them. I figured I wouldn’t have any competition for this sweet and salty snack, but I was wrong and my three little munchkins polished of the bag when I wasn’t looking!

food should taste good chips

There were two different kinds of tortilla chips, blue corn and cantinaand they were both amazing. I whipped up a batch of my favorite mango salsa (recipe below) and these chips held up really well. Normally when you have a hearty dip you have to worry about the chips cracking and breaking mid-scoop (so annoying!), but these ones are super study and they can handle anything you throw at them. I personally think the Cantina Chips are my favorite, because they are extremely sturdy and pack a good crunch. Plus you can’t go wrong with something that only has two ingredients!

food should taste good kettle corn chips

The last flavor in the box was the kettle corn. Now these ones are the most dangerous for me. The salty tortilla crunch paired with the sweet coating is a dangerous combination for this girl. These are about to become my new go to late night snack. And in case you were wondering I totally hid this bag from everyone else so I didn’t have to share them! ;)

Chunky Mango Salsa

  • 3 roma tomatoes, diced
  • 2 onion slices, diced
  • 1/4 cup chopped cilantro
  • 1/2 a jalapeño, finely diced
  • 3/4 cup mango, diced
  • 1 tsp minced garlic

mango salsa and chipsWhich flavor of chips are you most excited to try?  Do you already have a favorite?