Pins to do in 2013

I am guilty of pinning away mentally saying I will come back and complete some of these awesome projects I pin, and then promptly forgetting I even pinned them!  This is my conscious effort to come back and complete at least 6 (if not more) of the more involved projects that both excite and challenge me!  Ask me July how I’m doing!!
2013 projectsGiant photo booth film strip by Girl in Air

Dream Catcher by CosmicAmerican on Etsy

Bleach Pen Shirt by The Next Bird

Ruffled Shower Curtain from Anthropologie

Sweatshirt Refashion by Practical Enrichment

Removable Laptop Cover by Carissa’s Creativity Space

6 thoughts on “Pins to do in 2013

  1. Ashley, i saw you mention this post in a comment over at Eclectically Vintage, and I had to click over.

    I love your idea of a Pinterest to-do/resolution list. I need to go through my boards and turn some of those amazing inspirations into reality.

    I look forward to exploring your blog and projects.

    1. I am feeling both awesome and overwhelmed about my pins to do! i tackled what I thought would be the easiest one first and it was great…now the rest leave me feeling a little scared! hopefully I get to them! Thanks for stopping by!!

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