Back to School Backpack Refashion

back to school backpack refashion

With school starting in just 21 days (not that I’m counting) I figured it was time to start getting our school supplies and clothes purchased and ready to go. My son has had the same backpack since he started kindergarten (my hubby used it for college before that) and it is still in great shape. The only thing it was missing was a little something to make it special.  So I dug through my scrap fabric pile dresser and found some little bits of the avenger fabric I used to make some pajama pants last Christmas, and these awesome ice pack covers. I wrote my son’s name out on different pieces trying to get a little bit of all the characters in there.  Then I cut the letters out and pulled out a sheet of my favorite product ever (Steam-A-Seam)!
backpack refashion using fabric and steam a seam
I attached the letters to the stream a seam and cut them out again. After that it was as simple as placing them on his backpack and ironing then on! Normally I do a zig zag stitch around the edges, but I figure he will eventually outgrow this superhero phase (?) And I’ll need to change it.
backpack refashion

Once they were ironed on I was done! He loves it and can’t wait to show it off when he goes back to school!
avengers backpack refashion name

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