DIY Sweater Cup Cozy – Easy Gift Series

DIY Sweater Cup Cozy - Easy Gift Series

So about six months ago I made the switch from regular coffee mugs to glass jars. The regular plastic travel mugs were starting to look a little grimy, they were really hard to clean the very bottom of (which gets kind of gross if you let them sit for a long time in a hot car) and I really like eco-friendliness of glass.  However I quickly learned that if you put your coffee in a glass jar, the jar gets hot. All that heat just transfers out of that coffee, which is bad for two reasons: your coffee gets cold and your hand gets hot. Today’s easy gift will solve both of this problems in less than five minutes.

The first thing you need to find is an old sweater. If you don’t happen to have one stuck in the back of your closet you can pick one up at a thrift store, usually for about $1. Once you have your sweater you need to cut off the cuff on one of your sleeves (or both if your like me and want to keep one of everything you make).
DIY Sweater Cup Cozy

DIY Sweater Cup Cozy

Once you have your cuff cut off you can slip in onto your jar and call it a day or you can add some embellishments. I personally love the look of buttons and so I sewed a row of buttons up the side of one of my cuffs. You can also cut out little personalized designs or even monograms from felt and sew them on to your cozy cuff. Another option is to pick a patterned sweater or a sweater with chunky cuffs for a different look.
DIY Sweater Cup Cozy

Once your cozy cuff is just right you can either give it just like that or you can make a little bigger statement and include both a jar and one of these! I’m hoping that Santa brings me one of those for Christmas (hint hint – hubby) since I am constantly spilling my coffee as I rush around with the kids in the morning.

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