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mason jar soap dispenser

So you might not already know that March is National Craft month. To celebrate this I teamed up with Steph over at Crafting in the Rain and several other bloggers to bring you an A-Z of crafts!  Last week she featured letters A-G and you can check them out from her site here.  This week we are bringing you letters H-M.  I snagged the letter J because I had been brainstorming a sweet mason jar project  for a while and I knew that there would be no better way to share my love of crafts than with a Jar project!

This project was such a  super easy that I did the whole thing (except the spray painting) in less time than it takes to watch an episode of Dexter- heck less than half as much!  The first step was picking the perfect jar.  I needed one that was tall enough to hold a significant amount of soap but not too tall that my pump wouldn’t reach the bottom.  This was a super precise process that involved holding my existing soap bottle next to my stash of jars with lids until I found a a perfect match.  I then spray painted the lid with some leftover paint from my dining room table chair makeover.   Once it was dry I drilled a hole smaller than my soap pump lid base into the lid.

jar soap dispenser

The next couple of steps are easy peasy.  I smeared a bunch of E6000 around the edge of the hole drilled in the lid and then stuck the soap pump dispenser lid into it.  I gave it a couple of minutes to set up and then used a napkin to wipe away the excess glue from around the edge of the pump, which also helped secure the pump in place.

jar soap dispenser how to

I let it sit overnight to dry (just to be sure) and then filled the jar up with soap.  It looks amazing up against my faux tiled backsplash with some of the other fun pieces I’ve got in there!

soap dispenser from a jar

painted backsplash done

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    1. Thanks so much steph! It was the perfect little touch for my mini makeover! At least until I save up my pennies for the real deal full kitchen redo!

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