Heart On My Sleeve Easy Elbow Patches

heart on my sleeve - how to add iron on patches to any shirt

Hey there folks!  I should really start a series called how to alter clothing without knowing how to sew, because I am back today with ANOTHER tutorial on my favorite sewing cheat product, steam a seam.  This stuff is amazing, and will make you feel like a genuine rockstar even if you don’t know how to sew.  I love it!!

The first thing you need to do is cut a couple of whatever shape you want out of yoru steam a seam sheets.  I went with hearts, but this would be cute as traditional elbow patch shapes, stars, hexagons or anything else you can imagine!  I used my Slice machine to do my cutting, only because I wanted my hearts to be exactly the same and I knew this way would be fool proof.

cutting out hearts with a SLICE machine

After they were all cut out I ironed my fabric (only the part I needed) and then stuck the steam a seam on it.  I cut the fabric out around the precut heart and was left with two pretty fabric hearts with steam a seam stuck to one side.

placing the steam a seam on the fabric

After I was all ready to go I plugged my iron in to get hot and put my shirt on.  I used a piece of chalk to mark my elbows and then carefully pulled my shirt off and tried not to rub off my chalk marks.  I then peeled the backing off my steam a seamed heart and stuck it on my chalk mark.  I used my hot iron to and a little steam to adhere them in place.  It only takes about 1 minute for each patch so this is a pretty quick and easy project.

how to iron on heart elbow patches

Once both hearts were ironed on I was all done!  It really is a simple project that adds a little something extra to a boring shirt.  Have you used steam a seam yet?  I showed you a couple of uses for it here and here.  I would love to hear if you have another way you use it!

heart on my sleeve

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