Printable Scavenger Hunt for the First Day of School

printable scavenger hunt

As you might have heard via Facebook or Instagram I am preparing to go back to school as a teacher this fall! It’s been a little crazy and totally hectic as I try and prepare my classroom, my home, my children and husband and myself for this HUGE change in our lives. I am super excited about our new adventure though and can’t wait to meet all those new faces! I’ve been busy stripping my classroom down to bare walls so I can build from the ground up and create a perfect learning space!

As I’ve been planning for the first few weeks of school I have come up with some fun printables to go along with some of the nuts and bolts of our joining together as a community of learners. I wanted to share one with you today! This scavenger hunt is modeled after the amazing work of the Responsive Classroom group. I spent quite a bit of time studying their philosophy and watching it in action while in school (and student teaching) and truly believe in the power of building a foundation for learning.

This activity will be one of the ones I do on our first day of school and I can’t wait to learn a little bit more about my new students!  It is geared at a middle elementary level (3rd/4th grades), but could easily be adapted to fit a younger or older crowd.  The download is in PDF form so you just need to click on the image or here to save it.  It is a special kind of PDF though, one that can be edited via PhotoShop.  I do ask that if you edit it to suit your classroom, you link back to me as the original creator of the document.  Thanks! 🙂

Colorful first day of school scavenger hunt. Great for breaking the ice or getting to know new students.  Based on the Responsive Classroom framework!

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