Game Day Temporary Tattoos

game day tattoos

Football in our house is a pretty big deal. My husband and I play fantasy football every year with some friends and family members and so we spend most Sundays watching as many games as we can and cheering on our players. It’s a friendly league (unless we are going head to head) and over the years we have taught our kids to cheer on specific players who benefit us. I had Victor Cruz on my team for a couple of years in a row and watching my then 1 year yell out, “Go Victor Cruz,” was pretty adorable.  As much fun as it is to watch bits of all the games and cheer on different players, all of that comes to a screeching halt when our team is on the field.  I mean I’ve told you that I’ve been on that very field right, it’s where we had our engagement pictures taken! PS if you are looking for a photographer in the Seattle/Tacoma area I TOTALLY recommend Olga, she is amazing, and I’m not being paid or compensated in any way to say that, I really did love her work that much.

seahawks engagement photos

We root pretty hard for the Seahawks (Super Bowl Champions) and the kids all know that when the Seahawks are playing not much else is going to get done.  They love to get dressed up in their favorite game day gear and will proudly tell strangers at the store that the Seahawks are the best.  I mean, when even the nanny is on board with the Seahawks craze, you know it’s serious.  I wanted to up their 12th man pride this season so I whipped up some temporary tattoos.

Now this process is super simple and if you remember my awesome post about tattooing glass you will probably remember that I have some of the coolest stuff on the planet lying around.  Temporary tattoo paper.  This stuff is incredible and the uses for it are endless!  I quickly grabbed some of my favorite Seahawks images from the internet and pasted them into a Word document.  Now I forgot to flip all my images to the mirrored image, so I ended up with quite a few backwards “12’s” so DON’T FORGET to mirror your images!

Once you’ve got them printed and the ink is dry you are going to take the top sheet of tattoo film and peel just the top lip off.  It is pre-sliced so that you don’t even have to work for it, just bend and peel.  Now VERY carefully stick the film to your printed images.  Once you stick it there are no take backs so take your time and line it up.  After that initial edge is down you can peel off the rest of the green paper and smooth it down as you go over the rest of your soon to be tattoos! Make sure you take something smooth and flat at this point and really smooth out any air bubbles and get your papers really stuck together.

seahwaks temporary tattoos

Now we cut!  I decided to cut as close as I could to my design so that there would be as little extra tattoo as possible.  Once it was cut out I let my kids pick their favorites.  I peeled off the clear paper layer and applied it to their body in the location of their choosing.  I used a wet rag to apply pressure and water to the back of the paper and within a minute the paper slid right off leaving the tattoo.

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