Fabric-Covered Jar


Fabric-Covered Jar


  • Glass Jar
  • Light-weight fabric
  • Spray Adhesive
  • Ribbon (optional)


1) Tear a strip of fabric

2) Coat your glass jar in spray adhesive according to the instructions.


3) Wrap your fabric around the glass jar starting at the bottom. Add more spray adhesive as needed, especially if your fabric overlaps.


4) Add a layer of adhesive around the top of the vase, secure your ribbon, and tie it into a bow for a nice finishing touch.

I used an old pickle jar and some fabric and ribbon I had in my craft stash–another cheap, easy, and quick craft!


With spring in full swing and more warm sunny days in the forecast, I tossed some fake daisies in my fabric-covered jar (classy, I know) and it’s ready to be packed up for a picnic!


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