Peach Iced Tea

peach iced tea

So maybe you remember a couple of weeks ago when I made this amazing blueberry lemonade. No, well go read it next. This recipe is right along those same lines. Easy. Like a baby kitten could make it, easy. Start by adding a couple cups of frozen peaches (or whatever fruit YOU like) then add your favorite iced tea on top. The frozen peaches will act like ice cubes, keeping your tea cold, and they won’t water it down when they defrost. They’ll just make it better! It’s just that easy. Now go make up a pitcher, have a seat on the porch and relax! It is summer after all.

Peach Iced Tea

  • 1 carton your favorite iced tea
  • 1 bag frozen peaches

easy peach tea easy summer peach tea

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