Water Color Painted Feathers

painted feathers

I love all things watercolor (especially these painted feathers) and I am always looking for new ways to incorporate watercolor painted items into my home decor.  Last month I was a part of the So You Think You’re Crafty competition and our challenge one week was “paint.” I knew immediately that I wanted to try my hand at painted feathers. The soft delicate lines of the feathers coupled with the soft edges of water color paints was a match made in heaven!

feather setting close up

How to Watercolor Paint Feathers

I started by completely soaking the feather in water. Because watercolor painting is traditionally done on a wet paper I knew that a wet feather was going to give me a more realistic effect. I dipped my brush into the paints and gently touched the tips to the feather where ever I wanted paint.   Once they were all painted I took a clean wet brush over them and brushed the edges of each stripe blurring the lines.

painted feathers close up

Once they were dry I started getting creative with them. I used a few different color schemes to slip into napkin rings to make a color place setting for a big family dinner. The pop of color from the painted feathers was a nice touch on the white plates and the kids loved claiming their places based on which feathers were on their plate.  It’s the little things people, seriously!

painted feather place setting

I also wanted to add some flair to our centerpiece so I slipped a few painted feathers into a vase of white flowers. The subtle colors were a sweet accent to the soft florals.

feather bouquet


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