Princess Wands, Tiaras and Necklaces – OH MY!

My daughter turned 4 a couple of months ago and we celebrated with a princess party.  This was such a huge hit and required so little preparation on my part for the crafting goodness. In fact I purposefully bought a couple of supplies that could be used for several crafts. The only time consuming part was the painting of these wooden beads ahead of time, which could easily be remedied by buying colored beads instead of plain wooden ones! Below are affiliate links to all the exact supplies I used.

Princess Party Supplies

wood bead necklace supplies

Start by painting half of your beads with your desired colors. painted wooden beads

Pick out whatever color beads you want on your necklace and string them on. Make sure to stop halfway through to string on your charm. Then simply tie the ribbon in a bow to adorn it on your lovely little lady.

painted wood bead necklace

For the wands I started off by hot gluing two foam stars together to make them a little beefier and to give the dowels somewhere to stick. Once the glue was dry I painted them in the same colors as the beads.

Once the paint was dry I stuck the dowels in to make a hole in the star and filled it with hot glue. Then I shoved those sticks into the glue filled hole and let them dry. I tied a little bit of the same ribbon around where the dowel met the star.

Then, during the party, I let the girls pick out whatever jewels they wanted and I attached them to the star with hot glue.

princess party crafts wand and necklace

The crown making went the same way. I let the little ladies pick out their jewels and then I hot glued them onto the crown where they wanted.

princess party crafts princess party wands and necklaces wood bead necklace and wand

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  1. Olá Muito legal seu artigo, Há muito tempo eu vinha pesquisando sobre artesanatos, tiara para crianças, mas nunca que achava um artigo que explicava tão bem como o seu, por isso eu salvei seu blog em meus favoritos, pra estar te acompanhando sempre. Muito obrigado pelo artigo e parabéns pela dedicação em seus artigos.

  2. Gostei muito das dicas e da forma simples que conseguiu transmitir. Amei a Coroa, ficou uma gracinha, com detalhes simples que destacou bastante. Muito obrigado pelo artigo, ganhou uma leitora 🙂

    I really enjoyed the tips and the simple way you managed to convey. I loved the Crown, it was a cutie, with simple details that stood out a lot. Many thanks for the article, it has gained a reader 🙂

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