Printable Floral Temporary Tattoos

floral bird tattoos for valentines


You guys it’s time again for craft lightning!  I absolutely love my craft lightning projects because they all require 15 (or less) to complete and they are usually so easy it’s almost like they do themselves. This time around I’ve got some of the sweetest temporary tattoos for you to print off and give as non-candy Valentine’s or even just because!


floral bird temporary tattoos


I have been playing around a lot with Photoshop and one of my favorite new tricks is revealing layers. Rather than a solid color I’ve been messing around with watercolors, florals, patterns, and designs inside of shapes. I have been a looooong time lover of temporary tattoos (tattoo paper affiliate link), real tattoos too, and so finding a way to merge the two together was probably the most amazing thing I could have done.  For a full tutorial on how to print these tattoo check out this post.


light floral bird dark floral bird


I also hate how much candy is consumed during each of these holidays.  Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely indulge my own kids with treats, but only after they’ve eaten their grow food. At school Valentine’s parties there is an excess of sugar consumed (in my opinion) without any qualifying healthy food to back it up. So I am boycotting the sugar high this year and sending my kids with these “tweet” tattoos instead! Click here for your printable floral bird tattoos!


floral bird tattoos


Click on the lightning below to see all of the Valentine’s projects!


8 thoughts on “Printable Floral Temporary Tattoos

  1. These are BEAUTIFUL! I didn’t know you could make your own temp tattoos. I especially love the girly floral design. I have never seen anything like these, seriously! Pinning and stumbling this. Probably tweeting too. 😉

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