Cupid’s Love Pills with Printable

I may or may not have an obsession with glass jars, and I recently realized that this obsession carries over to almost all glass containers. Vases. Yep. Caraffes. Oh yeah. Test tubes. Well, actually…YES!


Cupid's love pills for valentines day


I know it seems like a weird thing, maybe something reserved for Halloween only, but I promise after you’re done reading, you are going to be on the hunt for test tubes yourself!

I picked these ones up in a clearance after Halloween sale at Joann’s, but you can probably buy some even now online. They are actually not glass (shhhhh, don’t tell), but they look so glass like, I wasn’t sure until I opened the package. So I’m counting them.

test tubes

For these ridiculously adorable Cupid’s Love Pills you only need four simple things: test tubes, Cupid’s Love Pills printable, circle labels and M&M’s. Obviously I went with the special Valentines day color pack, but any ones will work! Now one of the best parts of this gift is that you can set your kids up to do the dirty work. ┬áSimple give them the test tubes and the M&M’s and have them fill them. This is an especially good idea if you are doing an entire class worth. Now I didn’t want the candy all over my floor so I tasked my almost 6 year old with this job. She is careful enough to detail not to spill, but young enough still to not realize that I am forcing her into a life of child labor.

Cupid s Love Pills

Start by downloading the Cupid printable, and printing it off on to your labels. Then fill your test tubes with the candies. Then apply your labels. Just like that you are done. These would make amazing teacher gifts, gift basket additions, secret Cupid gifts (wait, you don’t do secret Cupid?) or really just because treats!


love pills for valentines day

cupids love pills valentines day treat

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