Magnetic Rainbow Words – craft lightning!

It’s craft lightning time again!!  I always love these challenges because it forces me to think quick. None of those long drawn out projects that you tire of halfway through.  This month’s theme is busy kids and man oh man I am always trying to find ways to keep my kids busy!


magnetic rainbow sight words


My middle daughter is in Kindergarten this year and I truly believe that kindergarten is a place more magical than Disneyland. You see I sent my daughter off to school in the fall not knowing how to read and by Christmas she had learned to sight read a whole slew of words. Every single day since then she has amazed me with her ability to recognize letters, their sounds and then…read them!  It’s just crazy.

As a way to support her continued success with reading, and to hopefully turn her into the same avid reader that I am (and her older brother is) I decided to make some fridge magnets out of her “rainbow words.” I don’t know what makes them rainbow words, but if calling them that gets my girl reading faster and more fluently I’m in.


how to make sight word magnets
This was seriously the easiest project ever and it only required 3 things. First off I went to the dollar store. I love that place a little too much, don’t you? While there I grabbed a pack of rainbow colored foam sheets.  I cut them into 1/2 inch strips and then down to about 1 1/2 inches wide. You can cut the as big or small as you like though!  You will also need some round peel and stick magnets. Mine are 1/2 inch circles!


peel and stick magnets

magnets on foam


Then I took a Sharpie and I wrote a rainbow word on each rectangle.  That was it. I popped them into a container and stuck it onto our fridge and now while I’m making dinner she can hang out with me and make sentences on the fridge. It’s a total win for everyone!!


rainbow sight words

rainbow word sentences

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