Succulent Wreath

So maybe you’ve noticed…I love succulents. Not just a passing, oh they’re so trendy and fun, kind of love, but a get down on one knee and promise forever, kind of love. Which is why when I found out that the dollar store was selling fake succulents I pretty much declared open season on my house.


succulent wreath


This amazing succulent craft is brought to you by my need to change my front door wreath with every season. Now you probably think that there are only four seasons and that would make sense. However, here in the pacific northwest we have considerably more than that. See the year starts off in “still winter”, and sometime around March we reach, “almost spring.” Now this is cause for celebration, if the sun shines for two days in a row we all rush to bring out our flowers and our sunglasses and declare “almost spring” here. This is followed in late April or early May by “spring.” That’s what’s happening now. The flowers are blooming, the sun is shining for multiple days in a row, and the rain clouds are fewer and farther between. Soon it will be “nearly summer” followed by “summer” with “football season,” “fall,” and “the holidays” behind it. “The holidays” turn into “winter” very quickly, and sometimes the seasons overlap, because hey, it’s the pacific northwest. However, I have discovered that fake succulents look great year round! I haven’t figured out a way to kill them yet and *bonus* they don’t really get dusty!


easy spring wreath


This wreath took about 10 mintues to make and it makes my heart pitter patter just thinking about it. I simply took a grapevine wreath (it was covered in awful fake flowers when I bought it at the thrift store for $1) and hot glued fake succulents all along the bottom of it. No rhyme or reason, just stuck them on where they fit. While I was in Utah attending the SNAP conference last month I was fortunate enough to get to hang out at a pretty cool Heidi Swapp party and picked up that awesome wooden hello. I slapped some white paint on it and hot glued it in place. Then I hung it on my front door with a piece of twine and swooned.


hello succulent wreath

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