Baby’s First Year Stickers

I love babies, and now that I’m approaching my mid thirties it seems like no one I know is having babies anymore. Luckily, working in a school exposes me to a whole lot more people and a whole lot of those people are making babies.  My friend Sam had a baby shower last spring and I wasn’t sure what to get her, and then I realized that I could make her something.  That something turned out to be amazing, and exactly what every new mom needs.


baby's first year monthly stickers



I designed these decals back when my “baby” was still in my belly and I’ve gifted them to countless mom’s over the years. They are totally perfect and just the right touch of girly without being over the top.  The best part about these stickers is that you simply peel it off the backing, stick to baby’s shirt and snap away!  No need to iron anything on, or try and keep baby from messing with cute signs. Just peel, stick and go!


These stickers are a perfect 3.5″ circle so if you want you can pick up a giant punch and save yourself the hassle of cutting them out yourself. I picked up a package of 4″ square baggies a while back, which are the perfect size to slip these into, plus you don’t have to worry about losing them over the course of a year, because you only pull out the month you need when you need it.  I like to slip a piece of colorful cardstock into the baggie and then add the stickers. I punch a hole in one corner (above the zip) and tie a bunch of fun ribbons to it for a little extra something!


baby sticker packaging

baby decals year at a glance


My friend Erin was nice enough to snap a few pics of her daughter modeling them, and they are just too perfect! Go ahead and grab the files, snag some sticker paper and feel confident in giving the most unique gift ever!


caitlin 4 mos

caitlin 9 mos 2


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