Halloween Treat Boxes

These are the easiest Halloween treat boxes ever! As a mom of three when the holiday season approaches, I find myself filled with dread at the sheer number of teachers I find myself making treats for. However, this year I decided to get a jump-start on things!

halloween treat boxes in only 15 minutes

Supplies Needed

I started off with this sweet Halloween paper pack. I picked out a few of my favorite designs and cut them down to 4×6 pieces. You will need two 4×6 pieces for each treat box. Using my Platinum 6™ Die Cutting Machine I quickly ran my papers through the pillow box die. I have a fancy electronic cutting machine, but sometimes a little arm power goes a long way, and it’s way faster!

spellbinders platinum 6

Once I had my pieces cut, I folded the scored edges over and applied some regular glue stick glue. I laid them right sides out one on top of the other and then stuck them under the edge of my machine to dry.

spellbinder pillow boxes

Once they were dry, I gently popped them open and folded the top edges in. I filled them with candy and then tied a coordinating ribbon around them.  BAM I was done with some fun Halloween treat boxes for ALL the teachers in my life.

spellbinders pillow box treats

I know that a little package of candy doesn’t come close to saying thank you for all the hard work and long days they put in with my kids, but I like to think that the thought makes up for it. Do you do treats for teachers during the holiday months?

For more lightning fast Halloween crafts click on the image below!

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