10 Stunning Handmade Gifts

I am a sucker for handmade gifts, in fact I try to make at least one gift for everyone on my list each year. The down side to this is that sometimes I get a little stuck on what to do and find myself making the same kinds of gifts every time, so I scoured the internet (and asked a few friends) for some of their favorite handmade gift ideas and rounded them all up for you (and me) here!


Glitter Coffee Mug

Personalized Glitter Coffee Mugs - Easy Gift Series #glitteratmichaels


DIY Stamped Clay Bowls

Diy Stamped Clay Bowls made from air dry clay


Beautiful Blanket Scarf



Embroidered Notebooks



Marbled Votive Candles



DIY Gilded Coasters



Graphic Memo Board



Gemstone Bobby Pins



Clay Marbled Dishes



Cookie Mix Gift Bag

These cookie mix gift sacks make an adorable handmade Christmas gift, and they're easy and cheap to put together. DIY gift idea.


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