Sparkling Ornament Centerpiece

I know that Christmas is over and it’s time to take down the tree and all the super Christmassy decorations, but I don’t want to! It takes a really long time to get them all just where I want them and before I know it, it’s time to put them away.

This is why I have devised a way to keep them around just a little bit longer.  As I was taking the bright and colorful ornaments off my kids Christmas tree (yes they have their own tree) I put them in a wooden bowl so they wouldn’t roll away and break while I was working. It came to me in a flash of brilliance that this would make a very fun centerpiece for our new years table!

I adjusted the ornaments around and found a candle to add to the center of the bowl. The candle light reflecting off the colorful ornaments adds a little sparkle and flair to our table without being gaudy or tacky.

This would also look lovely with some battery mini lights mixed in to the bowl. You could also do metallic ornaments if you wanted a classic minimalist look.

In case you are wondering where I found my wooden bowl, I am pleased to say I found it at the thrift store. There are always quite a few wooden bowls every time I go there, although if you aren’t into that you can pick up a fabulous Wood Bowl from World Market just as easily.

One thought on “Sparkling Ornament Centerpiece

  1. very pretty and simple! I put my Christmas decorations up but my tree is still up. Not sure when I’m gonna take it down or I might just leave it up and change out the decorations on it. like for valentine that is coming up or mardi gras! I’m going to have fun with it! but your right Christmas comes and goes so fast! : ( thank you for this idea!

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