January 2017 Printable Calendar

I can’t believe that 2016 is over and it is time to ring in a new year!  I swear as the years go by, they seem to go faster and faster.  As a way to help myself slow down, I’ve created an interactive calendar for the year.  You can download this month’s page at the end of this post!

I am notoriously bad about remembering the things I want to do and the memories I want to make until the day is long gone and the moment has passed. I am such a calendar nerd as well that I figured I would create a beautiful calendar that I wouldn’t avoid looking at, and give myself a nudge in the mom of the year direction.

For this month I’ve included a recipe for homemade playdough, something that every child (and adult) loves to play with!  This recipe doesn’t require you cooking the dough on the stove, so it is the perfect job for little hands! They can mix away until the dough is ready to go, saving your aching arm muscles!

I keep my calendars either on my kitchen fridge or on the door to my office. Both places I see ALL THE TIME, and perfect for remembering all those things I am likely to forget! No matter where you keep it, this calendar is sure to brighten up any space, and help keep you more accountable. Plus, playdough!!  🙂

Print your very own January 2017 calendar here!

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