Together Let’s Printable Bucket List

I always like to start the new year off with good intentions, and then somewhere around March my memory get’s foggy, life gets crazy, and all my good intentions go flying by the wayside. This year I am all about creating things that help me remember what I set out to do! This printable “Together Let’s” list is exactly the tool to help me do that!

Hubby and I sat down on new years eve to brainstorm all the things we’d like to do together this coming year. We wrote them all down and then hung it on our message board in the kitchen. This is a place we walk past nearly 18923478 times a day and so it is something we will see constantly. Hopefully, this helps us remember all the fun things we wanted to do!

You can grab your free “Together Let’s” printable here, and then fill it out with your partner, your kids, your best friend, anyone who you want to spend time with this year!

Alternately, I created an “I Will” printable version for those of you who prefer to do things by yourself, or for a special list that you don’t want to share with others. This way you can keep yourself accountable!

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