Create Your Own Foam Stamps

One of my favorite craft projects to do with my kids (and students) is to create foam stamps!!

Foam sheets are pretty inexpensive and the sky is the limit to what you can create. We did a project earlier this year creating leaf stamps and I wanted to do a similar project for Valentines day with my kids. You only need a couple of supplies for this project and they are cheap, which makes them even better in my opinion!


  • Foam sheet
  • Wine cork
  • scissors
  • glue

Start by lightly drawing your shapes onto you foam shapes. When I am working with kids I precut my foam into 1 inch squares so that their designs are guaranteed to fit on the end of the cork. It can be heartbreaking to spend all that time drawing and cutting only to realize it won’t fit!

Once you have your shape drawn on the foam, cut it out. Using your glue, I use a good old fashioned glue stick, stick it on the end of the cork. Give it some time to dry while you get your paints ready.

Once they are dry I like to use a small paintbrush to put the paint on the stamps. I have learned that if you try to dip them they end up super messy and don’t stamp very nicely. Once you brush the paint on to them stamp away! I usually get 2-3 stamps per paint, and sometimes those less than perfect ones are my favorites!

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    1. Greetings from a very hot Cape Town, South Africa. I love this idea and cannot wait to get started.

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