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My name is Ashley and I am a thirty-something wife, mother and DIY addict living in the Pacific Northwest spending my days trying to create my own fairy tale ending…

What does that even mean?

I spend my days cooking up fun recipes in our partially remodeled kitchen.  I love appetizers and dips and I may have a weakness for Mexican food.  I create glittery gifts to give to  friends, family and teachers.  I try as many different crafts as I possibly can because…why not!  I tackle far too many remodeling projects (according to my hubby) because I think that your home should be a reflection of YOU!  I have more ideas than time and I am certain there is a quicker/easier/cheaper way to do things if you are willing to let go and just go for it!

So who am I?

I am a wife to the best husband possible (no really, I checked) and a mother to three of the cutest kids in the whole wide world* born in 2005, 2010 AND 2011!  I entered my thirties not that long ago (with an epic party) and am ready to start my next big adventure!  I am a lover of the great outdoors (hiking, camping and playing at the ocean), a board game ninja and a real life Wheel of Fortune contestant!

*This statement has not been verified by anyone but me.  It’s true, just take my word for it.


Why should you keep reading?

Well besides the obvious reasons because I want to help YOU!  I am just a regular person trying out different crafts, recipes and home projects.  I only share my very most favorite (and successful) ventures and I try to share them in a way that even the worst cooks, least crafty and most power tool shy folks can follow along.  I am always here to answer questions (ashley@mycraftilyeverafter.com) and love, love, love reader interaction!  I want to see it if you try something I share, heck I’ll even share it with everyone!

You the reader are the reason I am not just a nut job talking to myself here on the internet.  You are the reason I keep experimenting in the kitchen- looking for the perfect combination of chicken and waffles (it’s an amazing combination).  The reason that I have painted (and re-painted) something in EVERY single room of my house is because of you me you no really it’s me…but I am sharing all the ups and downs (and tricks of the trade) with you!  So grab a cup of coffee and hang out for a while. Like me on facebook for bonus points and follow me on Instagram if you want to see the real deal happening of my daily life (don’t worry I won’t call you a stalker).